Mumbai Rappers Raise Awareness About Voting Ahead of Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019; Watch Rap Song Video
Mumbai Group Composes Rap Song (Photo Credits: ANI)

Mumbai, October 20: In a unique initiative, a group in Mumbai has composed a rap song to spread awareness among youth about the importance of voting. The innovate move comes just a ahead of the upcoming assembly elections in Maharashtra. Chaitanya Prabhu, founder of 'Mark Your Presence' says the group chose rap as a tool for change which focuses on motivating the young generation to go out and vote. The group has made a sung the rap in three languages including English, Hindi and Marathi. "We collaborated with music to create an impact and chose rap as tool for change. We have four rappers who have sung in English, Hindi and Marathi", Prabhu said.

Polling in 288-member assembly in Maharashtra will be held on October 21 along with assembly elections in Haryana. The counting of votes and result will be declared on October 24. The term of Maharashtra assembly ends on November 9 and that of the 90-member Haryana assembly on November 2.  Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019: Full List of Constituencies With Current MLA Names.

Here's the Video:

The founder of the music group added saying that in their song, they have focussed on what young generation is doing and why they aren't going to vote. He added saying that all songs including 'pehla vote pehla pyar' about one's first vote is close to us. "In our songs,we focus on what young generation is doing and why aren't they going to vote. We've made sure lyrics are apolitical & pertaining to participation of young people in voting", Prabhu added.

In Maharashtra and Haryana, the BJP aims to take on the Congress-led opposition to come to power again in both the states. Campaigning for the Assembly elections 2019 in both states concluded on Saturday. Political leaders left no stone unturned to woo voters through rallies and roadshows.