Netizens Celebrate International Tea Day 2019 by Sharing Funny Memes on Chai and Beautiful Pictures of Their Favourite Beverage
Chai memes and pics (Photo Credits: Twitter)

December 15 is a special day for all lovers of Chai. It marks the celebration of International Tea Day. If there are those who strongly abide by coffee, there are lovers of tea who proclaim their love for the beverage every single day. And International Tea Day, is just another day for the die-hard tea lovers to show off their love for the beverage. So #InternationalTeaDay is among the top trends on Twitter today and people are sharing beautiful pictures of tea along with some funny memes on Chai. Mumbai Winter Funny Memes and Jokes Start Trending Online as City Experiences Slight Drop in Temperatures.

International Tea Day was founded as an initiative by trade unions and international organisations during the World Social Forum. The main focus of the day is to draw the attention of governments and citizens to acknowledge the impact of the worldwide tea trade on workers and growers. This day is marked majorly by the tea-producing nations like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Uganda, India and Tanzania. The main aim may be on the traders and unions, for the social media users it is just another day to share their love for this beverage. And of course, the funny memes that also show the love for chai.

Check Some Tweets, Messages and Memes Shared on International Tea Day:

Tea is An Addiction

A Part of Life

Every day is Tea Day

It's an Emotion

Memes Are Here

Are You Tea-Positive?

When Chai is Nasha!


The Smell of Chai!

Even Baby Yoda Cannot Resist


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So clearly everyone is as enthused about this day to express their love for tea. Mornings seem incomplete without having some nice hot tea and for some people, they can have tea at any time of the day. For every chai lover, we wish you all a Happy International Tea Day!