Nudist Resort in Florida Is Hiring New Resident to Their 'Family-Friendly' Colony
Nudist resort (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Cypress Lakes resort is hiring residents to join their nudist resort. While being naked in public could be terrifying for many, it is a lifestyle for the inmates of this resort in Florida. And it is not something designed for the youth, the place is 'family friendly', and people live there with children. Most use the nudist resort as a getaway and spend about USD 450-USD600 as rent for a month.

The resort has children's playground, restaurants, beauty salon, bars, a massage parlour, hot tubs, polls, and also a white sand beach. American Research Library which has the most extensive single collection of nudist printed material in the world is also inside Cypress Cove.

Located in Kissimmee, the resort will open for new residents letting them live the nude life. While most people prefer to remain nude inside the resort, there is no pressure on residents to be undressed all the time. The resort announced on their website and will be accepting new customers without any entry fee.

The announcement on the website reads, "Stay clothed and relax by the lake or bring a towel, shed your clothes, and beat the heat on the beach. We also will be hosting a pool party, complete with a DJ and an atmosphere of complete acceptance and relaxation. Cypress Cove's Open House is a great way to satisfy your curiosity and see just how much fun visiting our family-friendly nudist resort can really be."

Pictures on the website show residents leading a regular life inside the resort. There are photos of people playing tennis, swimming, kayaking among other things. While sexual connotations are often associated with naked living, Cypress Lake says they are family friendly. Single men wishing to spend time at this resort must have experience at a similar resort.

Tenants who wish to stay there should have visited the resort a few times to stay. The website also writes, "Sexually suggestive language, dancing, dress or displays of affection are never appropriate." Only children will be allowed to wear clothing in the pool area. Adults are advised to 'never approach or play with unfamiliar children'.