The month of April has begun and the first day of this month is widely celebrated as the April Fools' Day. An annual celebration that sees customary to play pranks and make jokes on people, it's a fun day! But this time, the situation is not really favourable to play out pranks and pass on fake news in the name of jokes. And to make this point clear, the official Twitter accounts of Mumbai and Pune police have made witty tweets. While Mumbai Police also gives a message of social distancing, Pune Police has targetted on following the rules of home quarantine and lockdown. Both these Twitter accounts have creatively made awareness about April Fools' Day intertwining it with the Coronavirus pandemic. On April Fools' Day 2020, Let's Cancel 'Purported' Fake News as Funny Pranks But Spread Smiles With Funny Memes and Jokes Instead.

A lockdown has been imposed in the country in order to control the spread of the deadly flu of COVID 19. The police personnel are taking efforts, day in and day out, to ensure people follow the rules. Today being April Fools' Day, it is possible that people spread fake news and reports to play a prank or make a joke on others. Both Mumbai Police and Pune Police are known to be quiet active on their Twitter, and in a creative way, more attuned to the younger generation. On this April Fools' Day, they have made witty tweets, to pass a message of staying aware and not being a fool.

Check Mumbai Police's Tweet on April Fools' Day:

Here's Pune Police's Tweet on April Fools' Day:

In the last few days, police departments of different states in the country are using creative methods of dispensing the message of social distancing. To cater to the younger generation, that is more active on Twitter, these departments are ensuring they share a message in a way that's more effectively understood. So on this April Fools' Day, we also remind you to not fall prey to any fake news, don't pass along the purported fake reports just for playing pranks and of course, maintain a safe distance.

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