Happy Snake Day! No no, this is not a fun day where you are remembering your enemies (or exes) who you call snakes. But this day appreciates the fascinating slithering creatures who are a part of our ecosystem. Snake Day is celebrated every year on July 16 as a day to raise awareness about the various species that exist the world over.  A lot of snakes today are at risk of survival because of the human threat to them. Since many people are just freaked out or scared by these slithering beings, we have got something that will make them smile, lame jokes and puns on snakes! We have got some funny or rather punny sentences and images that will make you see snakes in a lighter vein. World Snake Day 2020 Date, History and Significance: Know About the Day That Spreads Awareness About Different Snake Species Around the World.

Most people feel threatened by snakes even at the sight of these reptiles. Yes, they may appear creepy but not all of them are dangerous. Most often, when they are found within human spaces, they are seeking shelter from their dangerous predators or weather outside. Snake Day is thus celebrated to raise awareness about these reptiles and also why we need to preserve them. If you are not too keen into the science of it all, we have got you funny jokes on snakes which you will love if you love reading puns or lame jokes. World Snake Day 2020: From Serpent Crawling on ATM Machine to King Cobra Drinking Water From Bottle, Watch Viral Videos of Snakes That Ssscared The Netizens.



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Which snakes are best at mathematics? Adders.

What do you call a snake that builds things? A boa constructor.

Who is a snake's favourite author? William Snakespeare.

No Points For Guessing


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HAHAHA! No Shit!


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Why are snakes hard to fool? They have no legs to pull.

What did the snake give to his wife? A goodnight hiss.

You can share these silly puns, riddles and lame jokes with your friends and shed some laughter, instead of the skin. Get it? We hope you enjoy these ser'pun'ts. Oh I am sorry, but can you figure I am already enjoying this? Happy Snake Day!

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