Fuel prices are rising since the last few days and car owners are not happy. After the rates were static for a couple of days, the petrol prices hiked again today, January 22. Both petrol and diesel prices have reached a new high this morning. According to data by oil marketing companies, the cost of one litre of petrol in Delhi has climbed to Rs 85.55 after an increase of 25 paise on Friday. Diesel cost stands at Rs 75.63 per litre in the national capital. This is the highest price for petrol in Delhi. In Mumbai, the petrol prices are at Rs 92.04/litre. And people have reacted to it with funny memes as always. Fuel price hikes has been a target of funny memes and jokes online even in the past. And as they touch record high in the capital, #PetrolPrice has started trending online with funny memes and jokes. Some even suggesting Petrol as Valentine's Day gift.

The rise in fuel prices started from the first week of January after about a month-long pause. At the time, the price of diesel and petrol were Rs 83.97 and Rs 74.12 a litre respectively in the National Capital. Now, by January 22, there is a sharp Rs 2 rise behind petrol. Clearly, to look at a respite, netizens are sharing funny memes and jokes online, with their set meme formats. So #PetrolPrice has been trending on Twitter in India with funny memes with set meme formats. With Valentine's Day soon approaching, yes the day of love is almost here, people are suggesting petrol as a Valentine's Day gift.

Check Funny Memes and Jokes on #PetrolPrice:

Hurry Up For Valentine's Day Gift

Middle Class People RN

Ayega Na?




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So the only way to get around the hole in our pockets right now, is by filling in with the humour. If you are also feeling sad about the price hike, then we hope these memes and jokes would help.

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