The internet is a wonder box. Every passing day there is something new that exists online and makes you go, "Woah! That's crazy!" on discovering it. This is especially in the case of several hacks, tips and tricks which you were unaware of. There are so many amazing tricks and tips videos coming up every few days and the latest one that has caught fancy of netizens is peeling of a pomegranate. Most of us avoid eating the fruit only because it is complicated to deseed. But that is until you see the latest video which shows how to slice a pomegranate within 2 minutes! The video has been going crazy viral touching nearly 3 million views in barely a few days. And we decided to look at other such easy hack videos of fruit peeling that made everyone go, "Woah!"

Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok all of these platforms have such content being shared every single day. Although not all of them are impressive, some of them are so amazing and you wonder where has this been all your life? We look at some such videos, related to fruit peeling which have amazed everyone. Best Hotel Room Hacks: Man Shows How to User Hanger to Clip Curtains; Netizens Share More Useful Tricks For Hotel Stays.

The Pomegranate Peeling Video

Are you all set to try this out? The showed method just makes things so much easier. The video has even got some funny reactions from amused netizens.

Garlic Peeling Video

In many households, mothers peel a little garlic beforehand, so that it doesn't take a lot of time while cooking. But thanks, to the above video, you need not worry about your time getting wasted. It hardly takes 2-3 seconds to peel the garlic with the help of a knife. This video had also crossed over 10 million views.

Correct Way of Eating Pineapple

Have you been pineapple wrong, all your life? May you did. This video once again left the netizens amazed at the correct way of eating this fruit. We usually buy a pineapple, well sliced from the seller itself. But this video shows, one need not always make slices, you can just pull it apart and have it.

Mango Cutting Hack

We all love mangoes but it gets a tad bit annoying when the mango seed interferes in the taste. But this hack shows an easy way of just pulling out the fruit from one side. Although having been used to eating mango slices, we are not sure how many of us would be keen to try this one out.

But these are some of the videos related to fruit peeling and hacks that have gone viral on the internet. These videos in a way make life so easier right? So the next time you get some fruits, don't forget to check out some peeling hacks first.

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