How to Peel Garlic Quickly? Here’s an Easy Viral Hack That Even Made Chrissy Teigen Go ‘Whaaat’! (Watch Video)
Easy garlic peeling hack (Photo Credits: Twitter)

After a viral video that taught internet the "correct" way to eat pineapple, there is a new hack that is sweeping social media crazy with the easy way to peel garlic! We've all known the pain of peeling the tiny cloves of garlic that test our patience. It is not just tedious but also leaves you with smelly hands that no amount of hand cream can fix. But now get over the traditional method of peeling garlic, here's an easy and quick way that will blow your mind. This life hack amidst all the unnecessary, futile life-hacks will actually make you thank the person who invented it. How to Eat Pineapple? Viral Video Schools Internet the ‘Correct’ Way to Eat This Tropical Fruit.

The video that has now gone viral was shared by a Twitter user who goes by the name @VPestilenZ. The Twitter user shared the trick that makes garlic peeling easy by using a knife to stab and gently pull out each piece of garlic out of its skin. This quick trick involves peeling and separating them at the same time. The trick has gone viral and has already been seen over 10.7 million times since yesterday. The video has caught the attention of various professional chefs, and even celebrities like Chrissy Teigen.

Take a look at the garlic-peeling life hack video:

So many cultures rely majorly on garlic in their cooking, but the tedious task of peeling the garlic kills all the fun. But now you can enjoy delicious meals made out of garlic by quickly peeling the garlic easily at home with minimum equipment. Until now the easy knife smash technique was prevalent but I guess, after this new viral video things might change.