Best Hotel Room Hacks: Man Shows How to User Hanger to Clip Curtains; Netizens Share More Useful Tricks For Hotel Stays
Best travel hacks shared on Twitter (Photo Credits: Twitter)

If you are a frequent traveller then over time you must have developed some own travel hacks, be it in managing budgets or time. But if you thought you know it all, then there is a Twitter thread that is going viral with some of the best hotel room hacks. It all started with a man sharing a picture of using a hanger to clip curtains in the room. Had you known of that? Netizens joined in to share some of the best hacks about staying in a hotel room, right from using the TV remote to using hair clips as a holder for wires. 15 Simple Hacks To Make Sure You Travel Like a Pro!

Twitter user Rick Klau shared a picture of his hotel room in which he used a hanger with clips to shut out the curtains. He mentioned that he saw it somewhere online and it has changed his life. As people online were also impressed with the idea, they also shared some of their best secrets on having a safe stay in hotel rooms. It soon became a thread of some of the best hotel hacks and it is indeed useful if you are a regular traveller. Packing Hacks for Clothes: US Student Fits 50 Garments and 9 Shoes in a Small Bag, Leaves Twitterati Mighty Impressed (View Pics).

Check The Viral Tweet With Best Hotel Stay Hacks:

Using TV Remotes Safely 

One More For The Remotes

Keep Your Pillows Safe Too

Ask For Extra Charger

Keep the AC Air in Check

Tablet Stand

Bag for Dirty Clothes

Hair Clips are So Useful

Removing Creases Without an Iron

How many of the above-mentioned hacks were you aware of? These are some of the best travel hacks regarding stay in hotel rooms. It is nice to see all the frequent travellers sharing their bits of advice to others and some of them are quite useful. So the next time to have a stay in a hotel room, remember these tips and tricks to have a safe stay.