This Pomegranate Peeling Hack Video Will Make You Wonder If Your Whole Life is a Lie! Check Funny Memes and Jokes
Pomegranate peeling hack viral video (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The love for pomegranate is exceeded only by the hatred of actually sitting down to peel it. And all the desis will agree here when I say that we only eat pomegranate also known as anar when someone peels it for us. But what if we told you that the hack of peeling pomegranate under two mins is way simpler than you think? Yes! We were living in the 1920s until we came across this epic hack for removing pomegranate arils from the shell in a jiffy.

This hack doesn't only make it super easy to remove pomegranate seed from the peel but also helps you serve it beautifully, in a hassle-free manner. The pomegranate peeling hack video was posted on Twitter has gone viral ever since. Or in other words, let's just declare it the easiest way to peel a pomegranate in the world, already! So without further ado, here are the instructions. All you have to do is carefully cut out the upper portion horizontally and then cut the fruit anti-clockwise vertically in portions. The fruit will open up in jiffy like a blooming flower. Guess, we should be really thankful to the person who invented the hack.

That being said, the video has set the meme factory in motion. You won't even believe the kind of reactions the viral video has been receiving. First of all, let's check out the mind-blowing hack:

How to Slice a Pomegranante

Are you shook or what? This is seriously one of the best things we have seen on the internet today, but here comes the funny memes and jokes to top that. Check them out!



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