Pranksters Slice Golden Retriever Puppy’s Mouth Open Like ‘Batman Villain the Joker,’ Burn and Break Its Leg in South Korea
Boby's picture and Joker from Batman (Photo Credits: Screengrab YouTube/ Wrold Entertainment and Pixabay)

In a heart-breaking incident, a puppy was subject to torture from ruthless pranksters who have severely injured the six-month-old Golden Retriever called Bobby. They sliced the corners of her mouth like "Batman villain- The Joker," and also injured Bobby's leg in Seoul, South Korea. Last Tuesday, she was found with her mouth tied with a rope and a wounded leg. Rescuers said to the Sun that the prankster cut the mouth of the puppy and also burned with a "small flame-thrower gun" on purpose. The dog's leg was found severely injured with marks. Animal Cruelty in Mumbai: Cases of Dogs Being Poisoned, Beaten to Death on the Rise in the City.

Moreover, Bobby was found on a filthy wasteland where she had been left to die. The baby puppy was unable to drink and eat, and the burns and wounds found on her legs and paws were also infected. The pranksters have been believed to have also broken her front leg and smash her toenails leaving her unable to walk. However, the rescuers manage to save the dying puppy by immediately putting her to under a laser surgery to help her wounds heal.

Take  a look at the video of Bobby rescued: 

The Sun says, she is showing humans the same love she would have done before. She has been hobbling over to vets and wagging her tail affectionately. An animal welfare group called "We Love Dogs" helped raise money for Bobby's treatment and are now taking care of her. A spokesman for the shelter spoke to The Sun saying: ''We were eager to treat Bobby. There were many traces of abuse all over her body. Even though she was strong enough to heal from the many injuries and illness, she will need a lot of support to be strong again. The wound on her mouth was likely caused by a knife, but it could also have been a flame thrower. We don't know why they would do that. We are trying to find the person who did this to her. We have asked anybody with information to contact us anonymously. The puppy is very lucky to be alive, and we will make sure she is taken care of.''