Digital marketing is the emerging trend among youngsters in today's world. Most of the businesses have realized its relevance in today's context as a sustainable means of advertising and marketing. Every business (small or large) has its target audience on so many digital platforms. In order to attract them towards their brand and products most people in business are using Digital Marketing.


Momeena Bano is the staunch practitioner of this idea, "Self-Belief and Hard Work is the only way towards success". Momeena is a 25-year-old woman who believes in innovation, new ideas and how to use technology in a positive way. Despite coming from a very small village and having very limited resources, Momeena is developing her first digital marketing business from a very small room in her village. After having her schooling done, she's pursuing bachelor's degree in technology. Momeena Bano is the founder of the Company "Seal digital Media". She strongly believes in the power of social media to connect consumers toward brands.

She has 6 years experience in digital marketing. After having such a long experience, she has expertise in digital marketing. She has discovered the importance of online marketing when she built her own business. Being an erudite in Digital Marketing, she is expanding her knowledge and skills until she gets a leadership role at the Oracle. She brings considerable technological know how to inbound marketing, leading forward a team of content specialists, developers, and programmers to get results. Her notion is to keep the “connected customer” and forwarding her skills and experience across the whole nation.

Momeena Is an Epitome of Innovation

who is serving for a greater cause which is "Aatmanirbhar Bharat", a pledge by the Prime Minister of India to invest in India and make start-ups to give employment opportunities to so many youngsters in the country. She is breaking stereotypes which are still rooted in our society which hamper girls and women to achieve their goals. She is using social media as a tool to attract 'targeted audience' and to attain the target of brand building.

Not only social media, she is helping individual personalities through her organization to promote their portfolios.

This idea of help is making a big impact in fulfillment of their dreams and her step needs to be cherished in every way. Momeena says, "I won't stop unless I achieve my notion", which is to be a part of Oracle which is a leading computer technology corporation primarily known for its software products and services like Java. She gives credit of her journey to her parents who always supported her in her journey no matter what society says. She also thanks numerous people in her journey who have supported her idea, purpose and dreams.

Efficiently using her leadership and technological skills, she is breaking stereotypes rooted in Indian rural society and giving inspiration to millions of rural girls. She's teaching everyone a fine example that having limited exposure to resources and facilities can not crush your dreams unless you have the willpower and determination to achieve them in any circumstances. We wish Momeena a very happy and great journey towards her dreams. No doubt, she is a unique personality and will definitely achieve her vision.

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