Prince Harry Caught Stealing Samosa at Wife Meghan Markle’s Cookbook Event; Watch the Viral Video
Prince Harry Caught Stealing Samosa (Photo Credits: @chrisshipitv/ Twitter/ Pixabay)

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has launched her dream Together: Our Community Cookbook with a group of women who were affected by 2017’s Grenfell Tower fire, United Kingdom. Supported by her husband Prince Harry, Meghan hosted a special event at the Kensington Palace. Her cookbook launch was many things! For women to come together and celebrate, a chance for the Duchess to show her public speaking skills and obviously; an opportunity to eat tons of delicious food. Out of all, a priceless moment was caught on camera, which is going viral—Prince Harry stealing a samosa at wife's cookbook event; very smoothly! Meghan Markle Makes Secret Trips to Cook for Grenfell Tower Victims, Supports Them for a Charity Cookbook. 

While approaching a group of people, the Duke of Sussex was careful to keep his hand behind his back. However, his effort to hide it ultimately did not work. The short video of the British Royal easily sneaking a samosa, and the mischievous smile soon he realised that he had been caught red-handed is adorable, and Twitter loves it. Meghan Markle’s Nephew Using Royal Wedding to Sell Cannabis, Names it ‘Markle Sparkle’. 

Watch viral video of Prince Harry in his mischievous act ever!

The cookbook, Together: Our Community Cookbook includes 50 recipes from women who run the Hubb Community Kitchen. As per reports, the vegetable samosa recipe was created by Munira Mahumud. Everything in the cookbook looks delicious, and it exhibits how important it is for Meghan. The charity event was hosted on September 20, and Meghan described the project as “a tremendous labour of love.” But Prince Harry’s obsession with samosa and his cheeky smile stole the show.