Pets make our lives so beautiful. Be it a cat, dog, or bird, their kind of companionship is special. The love that pets show towards their owners is also excellent. However, having pets is also a huge responsibility, as it is important to be able to provide comfort and take care of them at all times. Other than all the fun and companionship a man and their pet share, there have been times when things have gone wrong. There have been instances where pets have turned on their owners, even killing them. Let us look at some listed below.

1. Pitbull Kills Old Owner In Lucknow

In 2022, an 82-year-old woman was mauled to death by her pet dog, a pit bull, in Lucknow. The woman was alone in the home, and her son later discovered her body. She could not be saved because she had lost a lot of blood in the attack. The family had two dogs but had never reported any hostility from them. Man Mauled to Death by His Rottweiler Pet 'Ruben' in Australia, Weeks After Wife Shared Post About 'Blaming Owners, Not Dogs'.

2. Spider Kills His Owner In Germany

One would wonder who keeps a spider as a pet, but 30-year-old Mark Voegel from Germany lived a solitary life and preferred the company of several insects, including a black widow spider. The spider had fatally attacked the man, and his body was found two weeks later wrapped in cobwebs. The snakes and lizards in the home had also feasted on Mark’s body.

3. Python Strangled A Child In Florida

In 2009, a Florida family’s pet python named Gypsy escaped from its cage and, strangled their two-year-old daughter and killed her. Experts found that the snake was not fed in a month and was severely underweight when it tried to eat the girl. The family was arrested and later sent to jail. UP Shocker: Annoyed by Constant Barking, Man Kills Dog With Brick in Kanpur; Arrested (Disturbing Video).

4. Pigs Devour A Farmer In Oregon

An Oregon farmer, Terry Vance, was found dead in his pig enclosure after he went missing for hours. It was unclear, but authorities suspected Garner suffered a heart attack on the farm when he went to feed his pigs. His dentures and body parts were found separately, so the pigs devoured his body.

These are some of the gory and shocking incidents when pets have turned on their owners. Some animals, including dangerous insects and snakes, are better left in the wild.

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