Radhe Maa Supports #MeToo Movement, But Has This Strange Advice For Women - Watch Video
Radhe maa (Photo Credits: YouTube screengrab, Times Now)

Radhe Maa, the controversial spiritual leader who was embroiled in a domestic violence case a few years ago, has surfaced again. This time, the self-anointed God-woman is in the news for an entirely different reason. She was approached by a news crew who asked for her opinion on the #MeTooMovement that has rocked India and the increasing spate of sexual assaults against women. The journalist asked the God-woman for her two cents on the topic on the occasion of Navratri. She, on her part, has said that attacks against women are wrong. But she adds an interesting advice for women that has left listeners baffled. Radhe Maa in ‘Raah De Maa’ Web Series Trailer: Hot Lesbian Kiss to ‘Homophobic’ Gay Protagonist, You Can’t Unsee This Cringeworthy Video.

The journalist asks her, “Lekin India main mahilaon pe atyachaar ho raha hain. Me Too Movement aa gaya hain. Jis tareeke se atyachaar sabhi mahilaye share kar rahi hain, Bollywood se bhi Nana Patekar, Alok Nath jaise kahin saare naam samne aa rahe hain. Aap kya kahenge Navratri ke dauran?” (“In India, women have been subjected to harassment and #MeToo Movement has now arrived. Women have been sharing their stories and names like Nana Patekar and Alok Nath have come to the fore. What is your opinion on the issue on the occasion of Navratri?”)

The God-woman replied to the question: “Yeh galat ho raha hain. Par main chahti hoon ke jab atyachaar ho. Aurat usi time, apna utaye…” (It [sexual assaults] is against women wrong. But at the very moment when women are harassed, they should lift [raise] theirs.”)

Watch Radhe Maa's take on #MeToo Movement:

We are certain that Radhe Maa meant well. By “utaye” or lift she meant that women should raise a complaint at the opportune moment. But unfortunately, her best intentions got lost in translation. #MeToo in India: Terribly Tiny Tales Co-Founder Chintan Ruparel Steps Down Following Allegations.

Radhe Maa, whose real name is Sukhwinder Kaur, started her spiritual journey at the age of 23, after which she became a God-woman. She was known for her unconventional satsangs that drew in large crowds of devotees. She blazed into the scene in 2015 when a case of dowry harassment case was filed against her.