Mumbai, December 6: In what can be seen as an extremely rare case, a "giant phantom jellyfish" was spotted in United States' California. As per reports, the jellyfish was spotted at a depth of over 900 metres below the surface in California's Monterey Bay. Reportedly, the giant jellyfish has been spotted for the ninth time. Reports also said that the incident took place two years ago when the giant phantom jellyfish was spotted on 2021.

According to a report in the Dailystar.Co.UK, the huge predator lives very deep underwater as it becomes difficult for scientists and researchers to find or trace it. Reports suggest that Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) marine biologists managed to get stunning footage of the "giant phantom jellyfish". Mystery Sea Creature Washes Ashore Canterbury Beach in New Zealand.

The Giant Jellyfish Was Spotted in 2021:

As per reports, the giant jellyfish has huge "mouth-arms" which has a reach of 33 feet (10 metres) in length. Reports also state that the predator uses its long tentacles to trap its prey before they drag it into their mouth. Researchers from Live Science said that jellyfish uses its glowing head to issue pulses which helps it to propel through water.

The giant jellyfish is also known as Stygiomedusa gigantea and is reportedly said to be one of the biggest jellyfish ever known to exist. In an official statement, MBARI said, "The giant phantom jelly was first collected in 1899. Since then, scientists have only encountered this animal about 100 times." Weirdest Deep-Sea Creatures! From Green Brittle Star to Cowrie Snail, Man Shows The Bizarre Sea Animals Living Under Bali Sea That Inhabit The Same Planet As Us (Watch Videos).

Scientists also said that they have come a long way since the time they used they had to use large nets in order to make new discoveries about the bottom of the sea. "These nets can be useful for researching robust creatures like fish, crustaceans and squids. But jellies disintegrate into gelatinous goo in trawl nets," they said.

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