Romeo, World's Loneliest Sehuencas Water Frog Just Found His Juliet After 10 Years!
Romeo Sehuencas water frog (@romeothefrog Twitter)

After being lonely for over a decade, Romeo, a frog would have finally found its partner. The Sehuencas water frog which lives in Cochabamba Natural History Museum in Bolivia has been the last amphibian of its kind. Infact, people at the museum create a match profile for Romeo making him famous. The big-eyed amphibian will meet his Juliet (as named by scientists) on Valentine's Day in an effort to save the depleting species.

Bolivia's Alcide d'Orbigny Natural History Museum partnered with Global Wildlife Conservation to raise money to look for a mate for Romeo. Last month, zoologist Teresa Camacho conducted a frog-search expedition through Bolivia's cloud forest. She and her team had to look into creeks and hollows, get their hands dirty for a female frog. While they found one belonging to the species, it was male. Teresa did not lose hope and continued her search expedition. Finally, they found four more frogs, two males and two females. Jonathan the tortoise, World's Oldest Living Land Animal Who is Blind Can't Have Cataract Surgery as it is Risky.

That's Romeo for you!

Meet Juliet, the female frog, match found for Romeo:

Teresa says climate change and contamination has resulted in the Sehuencas water frog close to extinction. As one among two frogs were too young, the other was chosen for Romeo. And unlike Romeo, Juliet is full of energy and even tried to escape the tank once. Scientists are not sure if the duo will get together, but Alcide d'Orbigny Museum Director Ricardo Céspedes tells CNN, "We're hoping opposites attract." And if it doesn't work, scientists can try in vitro fertilization. Romeo has his own Twitter account where he updates about his life affairs. And he has also already started writing about Juliet, we hope the duo make a great pair!