Saba Qamar Video Going Braless in White Shirt Leaked After Private Photos Cause Uproar on Social Media!
Pakistani actress Saba Qamar (Photo Credits: @Syedshahzadaly)

Troubles mount for Pakistani actress Saba Qamar as a sensational new video from her controversial photo shoot has made its way on the Twitter. A few days ago, Saba Qamar’s private photos from the same shoot were leaked. The 34-year-old Hindi Medium star was slammed online for her bold outfit choice as well as caught holding a cigarette. If you may wonder what Saba had worn to offend everyone, it was a translucent white shirt, and Saba had apparently gone braless too. Netizens are angry about Saba Qamar’s nipples being visible through her white shirt and that she enjoyed smoking. Saba Qamar Slut-Shamed for Smoking and Posing ‘Braless’ in Hot Viral Pictures: Pakistani Celebrities Speak in Support of Hindi Medium Actress.

Saba is one of the highest-paid actresses in Pakistan film and television industry. While her colleagues and friends from the film fraternity came out in her support, one fails to understand the hullabaloo over the matter in the first place. In fact, Saba Qamar should be the one to be upset about getting robbed of her privacy.

If it was not enough already for the miscreant to leak Saba’s personal photos without her consent, the person has now released the behind-the-shot footage. A Twitter user who goes by the handle @Syedshahzadaly (Syed Shahzad Ali) has shared an eight-seconder clip of Saba from the day of the shoot.

Watch Video: Saba Qamar Going Braless in a White Shirt!

The Pakistani beauty is seen wearing a white shirt paired up with a grey plaid pantsuit. There are two men, one of them being a photographer. The trio seems to be discussing Saba’s look in the pictures. There’s also a hairdresser present, trying to fix the Dil Diyan Gallan star’s wet-looking slicked-back hair in place. All this while, Saba is listening to them and relaxing over a smoke break. This has led to a massive public outrage, which includes misogynistic individuals on YouTube.

Here's This Video of Saba Qamar Facing a Lot of Angry Reaction

We wait to see what Saba’s reaction on the ugly episode would be. Her real fans are desperately hoping the star to break her silence and shut down the haters in true Saba Qamar style. In the past, she has spoken against the stigma of female smoking with an unforgettable photo shoot. Be it her strong fight against child sexual abuse or breaking down on a national news channel about being discriminated against allegedly because of her nationality, Saba has always stood up for the right.