Sack of Onions Kept Outside Closed Mumbai Restaurant Makes Twitterati Ask 'Is Mumbai That Safe?'
Onions outside Mumbai restaurant (Photo Credits: @SloganMurugan Twitter)

Onion prices are skyrocketing in India making it difficult for commoners to afford. Onion being a largely used vegetable in the country, the price hike has affected most people, especially restaurants. With onion being one of the prime ingredients in most dishes, many eateries are having a tough time with some avoiding the dishes based on onions. In the meanwhile, photo of a sack of onion kept outside a closed restaurant in Mumbai is being circulated widely on social media platforms. As the photo went viral, people hilariously questioned if Mumbai was safe enough to leave a sack of onions on an empty lane. Soon funny memes and jokes on onion prices began to flood Twitter. People also said how onions during price hike remained safe, while women are not. Onion Price Hike Gets Made Into Funny Memes! These Jokes and TikTok Videos Will Give a Respite From The Pinch in Your Pocket, Or Maybe Not!

This picture comes at a time when there have been incidents of onion bags being stolen from markets, trucks and shops. The photo which was shared by a Twitter user with the caption, "Believe it or not. Is this is how safe Mumbai is? A sack of onions placed outside a restaurant to be picked up when it opens." Twitterati simply couldn't believe that the sack of onions was left all alone in the outside at a time when onions are valued like well, gold. People commented saying that the onions remained safe as it belonged to a 'Dilliwala' as in the name of the hotel.

Bag of Onion Left Outside Closed Mumbai Restaurant:

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Will It Work?

Cows And Now Onions!



On Tuesday, onions were actioned at minimum Rs 4,000 per quintal and maximum Rs 11,000 a quintal at APMC market in Nashik district. It is currently being sold at Rs 110-130 per kg and the prices are expected to touch Rs 150 per kg.