Are you anticipating return of dinosaurs in the year of 2020? Some people expressed fears as a video of a real-looking dinosaur is going viral online. The  animatronic puppet from Jurassic World exhibition was shared with some fake claims of it being a clone of a real dinosaur made by China. Now because it looked so real, people even seemed to have believed it. But it is all a part of technology, which is used to making these films as well. Similar specimens of dinosaurs and scary-looking prehistoric creatures are a part of various dinosaur museums in the world. We have got you similar videos of dinosaurs which look very much real but are of course a creation using special effects and Computer-Generated Imagery.

There is always some curiosity about the existence of dinosaurs. This class of extinct reptiles that walked the planet many millions years ago are still being studied with great interest by scientists. Experts are working to determine the exact timeline of their birth to extinction. Along with being a subject of active research, there has been a separate universe of their fandom with the Jurassic Park movies and video games. Seeing life-like dinosaurs on the big screen, it is always interesting to see bits of them offline as well. So when a video of a dinosaur from China went viral, people believed it to be a clone. But don't worry, it is not real. We have got you similar pictures and videos of dinosaurs that look just as real. Cute Baby Dinosaur Playing in Puddles is the Best Use of 3D Animation You'll See (Watch Viral Video).

Check Pics and Videos of 'Real' Dinosaurs:

Imagine Meeting This in The Woods!


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So Huge!


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This One's a Puppet!


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Dinosaur in Your Bathroom


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Looks Small Yet Scary


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And if you still haven't seen the viral video that has feared some people, here's it:

All of them look so creepy, but those are all just wonders of real good use of technology. Don't worry, dinosaurs are not coming to life. But you can share the above pics and videos if you want to get a feel of being in Jurassic World.

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