It's raining everywhere, heavily in some places since the start of this month. And while you may have seen some animals and creatures peeking out their heads in the rains, a rather unusual creature has also been spotted. It is a cute baby dinosaur and before you start worrying if the dinosaurs are returning too, it is an edited animation video. The video may seem real but it is a nicely edited 3D animation which shows the creature playing in a puddle of water. Forget Google 3D Animals, This TikTok Account is a Treasure of 3D Animation Featuring Lions, Snakes, Creepy Alien Creatures and Ghosts (Watch Creative Videos).

In recent months, Google 3D animals also became a craze, especially to spend time in quarantine. We saw many people clicking pictures with 3D animal structures next to children. The craze may have reduced, but this recent video of a baby dinosaur will remind you of it. The video shows a little dino prancing in the puddle, with someone trying to put water over it, while it keeps running from it. At first glance, it may look like a real creature, but it isn't if you look clearly. It is a 12-second clip but has garnered more than 20,000 views.

Check The Video Here:

Cute or creepy? Some of them thought it was very much real and wanted to know where it was spotted. So don't be surprised if you get this clip over WhatsApp and Facebook soon about baby dinosaurs being spotted somewhere during the lockdown. A lot of fake messages are being circulated in recent times about such sightings. But don't worry, dinosaurs haven't returned.

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