‘Simple’ Sketch of Woman’s Hand Goes Viral and Twitterati Are Having a Tough Time Attempting to Draw It (Watch Video)
Sketch of Woman’s Hand (Photo Credits: @SatisfyingDaily/ @jqsminegonzqlez/ Twitter)

Any occupation requires continuous skill improvement, and the internet is always up for it. Not just in humorous content, social media users are trying every bit to master over the online challenges that appear every next day on the internet. But not this one! In a recent viral realm, a simple sketch of a woman’s hand is creating a buzz among the netizens. It just took about a few seconds for the artist to create this sketch which seems pretty ‘simple’ to the viewers. However, the drawing is more complicated than it looks. Like all the other viral challenges, Twitterati attempted on this too, and they are seemingly having a tough time. Thief in Queensland Enters Store Wearing a Shopping Bag to Hide His Face. 

Finding motivation while fighting midweek blues online is tough. Thanks to the hilarious viral videos that keep social media users captivated. As engaging this viral sketch is, it is not too easy for our artist hopefuls online. Some people are even upset for making it look so easy, while in reality, it is not. Although in this rough time too, they are having their share of fun as they share the amusing images of the sketch. Would You Stay in a Potato? Giant Idaho Potato Converted into Airbnb Rental. 

Watch Video of the Viral Sketch

Failed Attempt #1

Failed Attempt #2

Failed Attempt #3

Failed Attempt #4

Failed Attempt #5

Failed Attempt #6

Nailed It

Try it if you can and share your attempt with us. In all this time spent sketching, one of the most significant things is to enjoy the moment. And looking at so many forms of a woman’s hand sketch, we are sure that the internet is delighted with their experience. The next time you attempt to make the viral sketch, focus on where you are going wrong. You will be close enough!