Snakes and serpents have slithered their way into human’s lives since ancient times. Whether in reality or as part of our dreams, snakes will always be around us. Snakes and serpents are a big part of many legends and superstitions across various cultures around the world. Enter the ouroboros! It is a symbol of a mystical snake eating its own tail. Over the years, this symbol has made its way into tattoos, fantasy stories, legends, myths and even jewellery.

The word ouroboros means ‘tail-devourer.’ This symbol originated from the ancient lands of Egypt, Greece and probably even a few secret societies. So what is the big deal about it? It seems like the symbol is making a comeback. The snake eating itself trend has taken over the internet! So what does it mean and symbolise? What does it mean when a snake eats itself in a dream? You’ve got questions and we have the answers. Scroll right below to learn more about this ancient and mystical symbol. Snakes in Dreams? What does it Symbolise? Know The Meaning of Seeing Serpents While Sleeping.

What Does the Snake Eating Itself Mean?

The enigmatic and mystical symbol of the ouroboros, or a snake eating its tail, has captivated the imagination of many. This symbol is not just a snake trying to eat itself out of hunger! In fact, it stands for continuity, rebirth, and eternity. It represents the never-ending cycle of life.

Do Snakes Really Bite Their Own Tails?

A snake biting itself would be an extreme form of cannibalism. A snake biting its own tail is not natural behaviour. However, there are instances when snakes do bite their tails if they are confused, stressed, ill or if there has been an unnatural incident. So, while snakes do not really bite their own tails, the symbol draws inspiration from this behaviour and gives it a deeper meaning.

What Does an Ouroboros Symbolise?

This symbol appeared way back in the 14th century BCE. It was found in an Egyptian religious text lying in King Tutankhamen’s tomb. Think of it as a symbol of eternity. It represents the endless cycle of life. In spirituality, ouroboros, or the meaning of a snake eating itself, means rebuilding yourself to reach a purified consciousness. The ancient Egyptians also saw it as a symbol of the Nile’s seasonal flooding, which was important for their society and agriculture.

But it didn’t stay in Egypt. In fact, it slithered its way into Norse mythology, too, where Jörmungandr, a giant serpent, encircles the earth and bites its own tail. In some cultures, the ouroboros is represented by a snake, and in other cultures, it is represented by a dragon. Fast forward to the 19th century, and it has even made an appearance in science. The German chemist August Kekule von Stradonitz had a vision of the symbol, after which he discovered the ring structure of the benzene molecule.

What Does It Mean When a Snake Eats Itself in a Dream?

In dreams, the Ouroboros often appears in different ways. For instance, one may dream of a snake eating another snake, a two-headed snake, or a snake eating a person. At times, it can show up directly, where one may actually dream of a snake eating its own tail. Though it may seem threatening, it actually symbolises inner transformation. Metaphorically, a snake eating its tail in a dream represents the unity of the conscious and unconscious minds. This symbol often appears during important times in people’s lives, as they shed their old selves to make room for growth, newness and wholeness. World Snake Day: Amazing Serpent Facts That Are SSSimply Fang-tastic!.

The ouroboros, or the snake eating itself, is a very enigmatic, mystical and powerful symbol. It represents cycles, eternity, and transformation. It has captivated imaginations across cultures and time. Whether in ancient myths or modern times, its mysterious nature continues to fascinate people across the globe.

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