Squabbling Twin Brothers Ordered to Pay Full Child Support After DNA Tests Fail to Determine Paternity of 9-Year-Old
Court directs twins to pay child support to girl (Photo Credits: Pixbay)

Two identical male twins have been directed to pay maintenance of a nine-year-old girl after a DNA test failed to identify which of them was the father. A Brazilian court passed the order in a case in which the men were accused of impersonating each other so they could sleep with as many people as possible. With both the men refusing to say which of them was the father, the court ordered a DNA test. However, the paternity of the girl still could not be established as the twins are genetically quite similar. The twins initially believed they would escape the payments if kept mum.

According to Brazilian news outlet Globo, the twins blamed each other and refused to reveal who was the father of the girl. The court has now ordered them each of them to pay maintenance of 230 reais; (Rs 4,082) a month which is 30% of the minimum salary in Brazil. District judge Filipe Luis Peruca, at the Cachoeira Alta Court in the central state of Goias, said the brothers had denied the child the right to know her biological father. He, therefore, said that names of both brothers must be included on the girl's birth certificate. Identical Twins Who Married Identical Brothers Plan to Give Birth to Babies on Same Day!

Goias justice tribunal in a statement said, "Since adolescence, the pair used their identical appearance to hide betrayals and win over more women." The mother of the girl who had a brief relationship with the father who she met a party organised by mutual friends. She was quoted as saying, "He told me he had a twin brother, but I wasn't introduced. At the time I didn't suspect anything." However, soon she soon found something suspicious and began to question his identity. Chinese Mother's One-Night Stand Exposed After Twins' DNA Test Reveals Different DADS!

The twins' names were not disclosed for legal reasons and were referred to in court as Fernando and Fabricio. Judge Felipe Peruca wrote in his ruling, "One of the brothers, in bad faith, seeks to conceal paternity. Such behaviour, of course, should not receive a guarantee from the judiciary which, on the contrary, must repress clumsy behaviour, especially in the case in which the defendants seek to benefit from their own clumsiness. Given the peculiarities of the case, I believe the decision that most embodies the concept of justice is the one that honours the interests and rights of the child, to the detriment of the tortuous defendants."