Suicide in Front of Mumbai Local Train in Malad, Caught on Video!
Mumbai local train accident (Photo credits: video grabs)

Mumbai, June 19: A video went viral recently, which showed a young man committing suicide by jumping in front of a Mumbai local train in Malad. According to reports, the incident took place a week back. Post the video became viral, Police and RPF are trying to investigate the matter. Till now, the deceased person has not been attempted, nor is the motive for him to end the life.

The entire incident got recorded in a CCTV camera, and it reportedly took place in the morning, at around 8:28 am on June 12. It was a fast train, and had no stoppage in Malad, the local was was heading towards Churchgate station. In the video, it can be clearly seen that the young man was waiting for the local, just when the train came in front of him, he jumped in front of it. The other passengers standing in the platform are shocked.

Watch the shocking video, Viewers' discretion advised

Mumbai locals are considered as the lifeline of the city, but it is no less than a death trap. More than 3,000 people lost their lives in the city last year, according to an RTI query. Among the deaths, suicide, falling from the train, and being hit by trains while crossing the tracks illegally is there.