Social media is the best place where netizens never shy away to showcase their skills on the platform. The last challenge that invited people from all walks of life around the world was “Gravity Challenge,” videos of which were going insanely viral, especially on TikTok. For people, in case leaving under the rock, the challenge included people throwing water up in the air and let gravity do the work. Now another trend called ‘Switch On Challenge’ is going viral on Twitter. Internet is trying out this innovative way to turn on the lights, and the videos surfacing online are crazy. Oreo Smears Book With Milk and Cookies for 'Don't Have a Bookmark' Challenge! Publishing House Slams the Social Media Challenge Which Has People Spoiling Books. 

The challenge invites people to showcase their skill of switching on the lights at home. Some are throwing balls or other items to the switchboard, while a few are performing their stunts, performing some stunts. It does not matter if at all, the challenge makes any sense, but sure is fun to participate. And that is what the netizens are happily doing. ‘Dick Appointment’ Text Challenge Is Going Viral on Twitter! Check Out Funny Responses From the Men. 

Here Are the Viral Videos:



Nice One:

In the midst of busy working scheduling, such videos and challenges going viral lighten the mood. And it is excellent how social media is seen as a positive platform to come out with such unique challenges that instantly goes viral. Crazy dances, laying still, pouring freezing cold water over yourself and now switch it on, internet users always come up with anything innovative to stay engaged online.

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