Oreo Smears Book With Milk and Cookies for 'Don't Have a Bookmark' Challenge! Publishing House Slams the Social Media Challenge Which Has People Spoiling Books
Dont have bookmark challenge by Oreo (Photo Credits: Twitter/Oreo)

If you love reading books then, it is best if you stay away from the social media, as a horrible challenge regarding books is going viral. Called the "Don't Have a Bookmark" Challenge, it is every book lover's nightmare, as people are spoiling books with food and drinks as bookmarks! From the start of this week, several people posted pictures of good books being spoiled by the choice of bookmarks. Oreo too joined in by spilling milk and cookies on a good book, as a bookmark! The social media challenge is going viral and publishing house Random House decided to address it. They tweeted and slammed Oreo's idea of spoiling the book with milk and called this social media challenge the worst one ever! 'Shell On Challenge,' The Latest Dangerous Social Media Trend Where Teens Eat Food With Packaging and Shells (Watch Video).

The "Don't Have a Bookmark" Challenge started with Chex Mix, an American breakfast cereal brand, tweeting a picture using their snacks as a bookmark. Not everyone was pleased with the idea but several other food and beverage companies joined in. Recently, Oreo participated and put up a picture spilling milk and cookies on a book. Netizens have had enough and not liking this trend at all, which somehow has still gone viral.

Check Oreo's "Don't Have a Bookmark" Challenge Tweets:

Here Are Other "Don't Have a Bookmark" Challenge Tweets:

Vitamin Water as Bookmark!

Steak? Please Stop!

As more and more books were spoilt in the name of using bookmarks, Random House publishing decided to address the trend. Check their tweet on the "Don't Have Bookmark Challenge." Forget Kiki and Momo Challenge, Here are 5 Positive Social Media Challenges You Should Actually Take Up.

Netizens supported Random House's tweet. Several people wrote that books should be treasured and it is a ridiculous idea which started in the name of fun, but has stretched out too far. People also mentioned that it is the worst thing one could do with a book.