‘Dick Appointment’ Text Challenge Is Going Viral on Twitter! Check Out Funny Responses From the Men
"Dick Appointment" texting challenge (Photo Credits: Twitter and Unsplash)

How would it be if you could take an appointment for sex in the most hilarious manner? Well, looks like it has turned into a trend now! With Twitter flooded with texting challenges, please welcome one of the funniest one till date, the "dick appointment challenge" that has gone viral on Twitter. Every second person is asking for dick appointments on Twitter and it isn't as creepy as you are thinking of it to be. As a part of this challenge, women are asking their boyfriends/husbands for an appointment with their dick, mainly an appointment for having sex and are sharing the responses the boyfriends are sending across! ‘Penis Appointment’ Sex Make-Up Tutorials Is the Latest Trend Among Beauty Vloggers! NSFW. 

The viral "Dick appointment" challenge was started by a Twitter user that goes by the handle name @baby_b0nes. She tweeted out asking her followers to "text ur significant other asking what dick appointments they have available and reply to this post with their responses." However, her own dick appointment chat screenshot of the hilarious response from her partner, was inspired by another Twitter user known as @kennielane who wrote "I text my man “hello id like to make a dick appointment, what do you have available?” like every day."

In no time Twitterati got in action and started replying to the tweet with their own version of "dick appointment" hilarious chat screengrabs!

Take a look at some of the funniest "Dick appointment" chats going viral:


Long-distance relationships




Wait, what?!



Texting challenges such as people messaging their partners asking to have a baby, or sisters texting their brothers asking how they looked did go viral in the past and swept the internet.