Taal Volcano Erupts in Philippines, Terrifying Pics and Videos of Smoke and Ash Clouds Go Viral
Taal volcano eruption pics (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Residents of Philippines have been warned off hazardous volcanic eruption after lava and ash spewed out of the Taal volcano. It is the second most active volcano, situated in the middle of a lake in Manila. Homes and streets across the region were covered in ash dust and grit. Almost 10,000 people have also been evacuated after tremors and lightening started in the region. Scary pictures showing the intensity of the ash and lava spewing out of the volcano have been shared on social media.

In the early hours of Monday, faint lava began flowing out into a magmatic eruption along with thundering and flashes of lightning. Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology have also warned of a possible "volcanic tsunami" following the eruption. On Sunday, the volcano emitted some ash and trembling sounds were recorded. The alert level has been increased to 4 and over 8,000 people were shifted into 38 evacuation centres.

Check Pics of the Lava and Ash Erupting Out of Taal Volcano:

A Picture of the Lightning Strike

Taal Volcano erupts (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

So Dangerous!

Here's How it Looks From a Distance

Everything Dull!

Areas Covered in Grey Dust!

Houses and Cars Covered in Thick Ash

Here's The Video of The Lightning Strike to the Volcano

Watch Video of the Ash Spewing Out

Watch Video of Taal Volcanic Eruption:

The pics and videos show the intensity of the damage that has been caused. The volcanic ash also caused a delay and cancellation in several flights on Sunday. The airborne ash is posed as hazardous to aircraft. All government work in Manila and of all schools across all levels in the capital have been suspended following the dangerous eruption.