Is there anything The Simpsons haven't predicted? The popular animated show is notorious for 'looking into the future'. And while everyone was eyeing their predictions for January 20, 2021 the Inauguration Day, turns out they had something right for that too. As per some people's theories on the internet, The Simpsons had predicted Kamala Harris' outfit for the big day. Kamala Harris made quiet a mark with her deep purple dress, that was made by two African American designers. But the colour choice was predicted by the show almost a decade ago, internet believes.

The Simpsons' show had been trending a lot since last year, but not one but several instances of 2020 found resemblance in the show. The trend continues even this year, starting with US vice-president Kamala Harris' outfit. She wore a dress designed by Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson. Now as per the internet, in The Simpsons episode of Bart to The Future, which screened in 2000,  Lisa Simpson was shown as the incoming president of the United States. She even talks about "a budget crunch" from the Trump administration. And no points to guess, what's Lisa's wearing? It's a purple jacket! So netizens are mind-blown over how the show gets even the details right. Why Purple on US Inauguration Day? Here's The Symbolism Behind Colour Choice of Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton's Outfits For Joe Biden's Presidential Swearing-in Ceremony.

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The same episode had been used in the past to link it to President Trump's victory in the US elections. The major difference here is although Lisa Simpsons is the US President, Harris is the VP. But the purple outfits adorned by all the powerful event at the Inauguration have also been the point of talking online. May be all of us should switch to watching The Simpsons after all. What do you think?

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