What will come to your mind if I say 'hurt me' and sex at the same time? BDSM right? But that is not the case with these latest memes that will leave you rolfing and in tears at the same time. The 'hurt me' sex memes have taken Twitter by storm and people are using their wits to go with the flow of the tren and are creating hilarious AF memes! Consensual BDSM is very common these days and this style of having sex involves pain and sometimes domination. However, the hilarious interpretation that is all over Twitter in form of 'hurt me' sex memes will make you scream LMAO.

Take a look at some of the mind-boggling 'hurt me' sex memes that are ruling the internet.

If you love memes this is fodder for you. Let us know in the comments section which meme had you laugh out loud. By the way, another sex meme trend that made the whole internet lol was the 'Days without sex' meme trend. Don't know about it? You might want to read ‘Days without Sex’ Meme Trend Is Taking Over the Internet and It Will Make You ROFL So Hard

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