These Videos of Babies Not Recognising Their Dads After Shaving Beard are Adorably Cute
Babies reactions to dad's shaved beard (Photo credits: Video grab)

Facial hair can transform people's look and how! Bearded men would totally know the look they get when they shave off their beards. When you are used to watching someone with a thick or heavy beard, shaving off completely changes their look. There have been instances when babies have not been able to recognise their own father after he shaved off his beard. In a recent video that was shared online, a 14-month old baby was stunned for almost half a day, when her father appeared in front of her after shaving off his beard. It was the first time since the child's birth, the father had taken off his beard. Baby Lip Syncing to 'Girls Like You' With Dad is Too Cute to Handle, Watch Adorable Video.

Talking about the funny incident, the mother Sofia was quoted to Daily Mail, "It was a big shock for Amelia and for me. Ever since Amelia was born daddy always had a beard, so when it was gone she had absolutely no idea who he was. The expression she made was priceless, it was a disgusted face, like, 'eeew get away from me.'' The baby kept ignoring the father and ran to her mother every time, her father came close to her. Only when the father read the little girl out her favourite book, did she realise it is her father. This Video of a Kid Scratching Prince Harry's Beard Is Too Cute to Be Missed.

Check Video of Baby Not Recognising her Father After He Shaved

The poor girl sure looks at her father like a total stranger. However, this is not the sole incident of such a case. There have been numerous instances when babies have failed to recognise their fathers after they shaved off their beards.

Check Video of Baby Crying After Her Father Shaved Off His Beard

This poor child was too shocked and started crying when her father kissed her.

Check Video of Baby Reacting to Dad's Shaved Beard

While the other babies seemed to be shocked or scared, this one was welcoming of the change in her dad's face. The initial shock is there but she smiles away and it is indeed cute.

Compilation of Babies Not Recognising Their Fathers After They Shaved Off Their Beards

The above video combines multiple instances and the reactions are still funny. If you love babies, then these videos will surely make you smile throughout. Babies always make you smile with their innocence, and in this case, even their crying looks adorable!