Toddler Jumps off a Bunk Bed Imitating His Mother, Netizens Slam Parent’s Negligence As Video Goes Viral
Toddler Jumps off a Bunk Bed Imitating His Mother (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ bonor_gabriel/ Instagram)

A horrific moment has been shared online, and netizens are furious over it. A mother can be seen leaping into the arms of her husband, while shooting slow-motion TikTok video. Their three-year-old toddler decides to imitate his mum. This is the heart-stopping moment to see the kid jumping off from a top bunk bed and lands on his head. Thankfully, the child was not hurt as he landed safely on the mattress. But it invited a lot of criticisms. People online slammed the duo being negligent to what was happening behind them. Texas Mother Sentenced 40 Years Prison for Letting Her Daughters Slowly Die in Car As She Partied. 

The current Instagram clip stirred a lot of controversies. The family was shooting the video in their home city of Yekaterinburg, Russia. The mother is seen diving forward, limbs splaying into the air in an acrobatic embrace as the little kid crouches down preparing to jump.

Watch the Viral Video:

In the scariest moment, the toddler flip-flops into a gruesome headstand before flipping back down, smiling. The kid was not hurt, but viewers are raged over the negligence. "Too focused on a video for likes you forget to be a responsible parent. Poor child," comments one user. "Instead of giving a fucj about wjat the world thinks of you maybe you should make sure your kid doesn't break his neck!!!" said another.

The recent video came after the incident of a father in New York City who has been charged with the death of his infant twins as he forgot them in a hot car for many hours. The kids were in the vehicle reportedly for eight hours. The father faces two counts of charges each of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.