Good hygiene is very important especially when there is a toddler in the house. And a wife has got so frustrated with her husband's habit of leaving the toilet seat up, that she's targetted his beer cans. After constant nagging him to leave the seat down and him not following it, she has now decided to pour out his beer can in the toilet. The woman wanted to know if her actions were valid and took to an online forum to discuss. And several people said that she's wasting the beer instead. Wife Turns Off WiFi After Husband Hides in The Bathroom to Watch Videos And Avoid Changing Child's Nappy.

An unnamed woman from the UK took to Mumsnet, a forum for all parents to complain about how her husband never put the toilet seat down and her solution on it. She mentions that she's tried it all, from asking him nicely to even putting a note on the top as a reminder. However, the man just seems to forget it every time. "Every request is met with an eye roll and him saying that's it's not a big deal or just ignored," she wrote. Her major concern is about their little one who will start going to the loo more often as the baby starts walking. Her way of dealing with it, is to empty a beer can into the toilet until he starts noticing. And she asked other parents if she was being reasonable about it. No Sex Before Marriage! Wife of 'Old Fashioned' Husband Discovers He Has Micropenis on Honeymoon, Feels Deceived.

Check Woman's Post on Toilet Seat Saga With Her Husband:

Woman's toilet seat saga (Photo Credits: Mumsnet)

A lot of parents did not agree with her way of dealing with it and said it was quite a drastic action. Another user suggested, wasting beer will do no good. Someone pointed out, if she is worried about her baby crawling in the loo, then they should just close the toilet door. Many other mothers pointed out that are actions were rather wasteful than reasonable.

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