A sad video has just surfaced online. It shows a magpie bird, imitating the emergency sound of fire vehicle in Australia, amid the ongoing bushfires. The bird has been bearing the alarm siren so much, that it could effortlessly imitate the sound.Watch Video:

Sisters identified as Demi and Tory had an amazing time after they met their idol, Mary Poppins. What caught netizens' attention was the little kids dressed exactly as her on their family trip to Disney World. The video of mini Poppinses meeting Marry Poppins and Bert has gone viral.Watch Video:

The video shows an adorable kitty whose meow is 'quack' to people online. The cat named Melvin surprised everyone at the Palm Valley Animal Centre, Edinburg, Texas with its quack-like meow.Watch Video:

Massive crowd flocked to Dubai Mall on the first day of New Year 2020. Social networking sites in the UAE re-shared the clip of the unbelievably over crowded shopping centre. The video has since gone viral.Watch Video:

A video captured the heartwarming moment when an old and blind dog was rescued from a storm drain in Thailand. According to reports, the dog was stuck in a 23-foot drain. Thankfully, a localite heard his cry and saw him balancing on a tiny piece of wood. She immediately alerted the rescue team, who got down and lifted the dog up to the ground.Watch Video:

A video of a rat scurrying on the menu board of KFC in Jamaica has come up on social media. The video is making people disgusted about the quality of food that would be served here. Watch the video here:

Cute pictures of a dog taking a rickshaw ride have been shared on Twitter. In those, the dog has a nice shawl wrapped around it and clearly enjoying the solo ride.Check the pics here:

A very heartwarming video of an old uncle saving a cat stuck on height is shared on social media. The man is seen helping the cat with a chair to get down.Watch the Viral Video Here:

Today marks the celebration of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2020. On this auspicious occasion, people are exchanging greetings of the day on social media.Check some tweets here:

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It is January 2 already and people are still not over the new year celebration fever. The buzz around the new year and the beginning of a new decade is still on. People have woken up to trending stories about things that happened in the past decade and 2019. A bright Thursday morning is spreading happiness around the internet. There is so much energy amongst the social media user, especially on Twitter. People online are sharing inspirational quotes, pics and videos, along with the hashtag, #ThursdayThoughts, #ThursdayFeelings, #ThrowbackThursday and #ThursdayMotivation.

It is Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2020 today and people are sharing wishes, greetings, quotes and prayers on social media. Twitter, Insta, Facebook is abuzz with beautiful thoughts and sayings by the Guru. It is also National Science Fiction Day today and people are sharing insightful posts about that too. Apart from that cute kids and animal videos have their regular share of presence on social media.

This is it for now and while we wait for more videos and pictures get on the trending page, we promise you to bring them to you via this viral live blog. Anything that trends on social media be it viral videos, funny memes of the day that netizens are and will be sharing in the coming hours today, we'll bring it to you. We know how much you love to watch these cute, viral videos and we will make sure you don't miss any of them. Have a great Thursday!