The Ministry of Home Affairs on Saturday extended the nationwide lockdown in containment zones until June 30. Soon, Twitterati began to flood social media platforms with memes and jokes on #Unlock1 and #Lockdown5.Check Out The Tweets Below:


A man named David built a beautiful door with branches sticking reminding everyone of Narnia. Photo of the door was shared by his niece, Kimberly Adams, on her Twitter handle.Check Out The Door Here:


A seven-year-old boy organised a prom for his nanny whose prom got cancelled this year due to COVID-19 lockdown. Hence, he managed to surprise her with a prom maintaining social distancing.Check Out the Pictures Below:

Photo of a tiny bird sitting on a chair has gone viral on social media platforms. The picture was tweeted with the caption, "Sorry, the seat is occupied." As it went viral, Twitterati came up with varying reactions on it.Check Out the Photo Below:

A picture of a Nutella Biryani has been doing the rounds on social media and netizens are really annoyed at this combination.Check The Tweets Here:

A video now going viral has captured a dangerous moment, when a little girl by the leash got stuck within an elevator in China. The girl was dragged up by the leash and rescued after the elevator stopped.Watch the video here:

May 30 marks the celebration of Hindi Journalism Day. It is a day that commemorates the first Hindi newspaper published in India - Udant Martand. On this day, people have extended their greetings wishing all journalists in the Hindi media.Check tweets:

A food blogging account called Cookist Wow posted a recipe on their Instagram of 'whole wheat balloon bread'. But netizens were quick to add in the comments that it is roti and not balloon bread. Check comments on the post below. Check the Post Here:
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#SaturdayThoughts and #SaturdayMotivation have started trending on Twitter. Begin your weekend with some motivational thoughts.Check tweets here:

It's the weekend! Are you enjoying the day off, after a long week? If you are still among the unlucky ones, who do not get a weekend off, then you can look up to Twitter for some Saturday Motivation. #SaturdayThoughts and #SaturdayMotivation will beautiful images and good morning quotes have started trending online. As we move through this day, we will keep you all updated with other trending topics, funny memes and viral videos that are going viral today from around the world.

Each day has some fun events, observances of festivals marked in different parts of the world. As the lockdown imposition does not allow much of a celebration per say, people often share the pictures and wishes online. May 30 has a fun observance for all cat lovers. It is marked as International Hug Your Cat Day. Plus, being a Caturday trend, we are likely to see a lot of cute feline pictures on the timeline. We will keep you posted on those. It also happens to be Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal's birthday today, so don't be surprised if see more his memes and jokes based on his dialogues.

Social media is buzzing a lot these days with so much happening around the world. Coronavirus, locust attacks, forest fires or earthquake reports, there is just so much to even take a grip on. But in this section, we will give you all things fun which make you forget your anxieties and worries. So stay tuned in, to follow on some interesting stories, bizarre happenings, funny clips and meme trends online. Wish you have a great weekend!