A video of a family of tigers drinking water from a river has gone viral on social media. The clip was shared by Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service (IFS).Watch Video:

Song Spring Day created by BTS' Namgi has completed 1000 days on the Melon Daily Chart Top 100 and Twitter cannot keep calm. #SpringDay1000Days trends on Twitter.Check Tweet:

A Russian goat named Timur whose unusual friendship with a tiger won him nationwide fame, has died, the director of the safari park where the pair lived, said Friday. Read the entire story here. Check Tweet:

It is Saturday, which for cat lovers mean, #Caturday. The felins have started to pose for Twitter as their cute pictures have already taken over the internet! Make your weekend much better with the beautiful pics of Cats of Twitter.Check Tweets:

Gulab Jamun Pizza? As bizarre as it sounds, someone actually dared to experiment with this, ruining pizza and gulab jamun for the world at once. Twitterati is disgusted enough just like you! Read the full story here.Check Viral Tweets:

American rapper, T.I. is facing serious flak for taking his teenage daughter to gynecologist every year, to check if her hymen is still "intact." People reacted with shock and disgust at the undertones of the statement. Now "That's Not A Hymen" is Twitter's new favourite inside joke people are trolling the American rapper for his disgusting remark on his daughter's virginity.Check Viral Memes:

It appeared as strange to us as it is to you! Spotted at a lake reportedly in Kunming, China, a tourist spotted a fish that appears to have a human face. The video is going viral online, questioning, if at all that could happen.Watch Viral Video:

The most-awaited ruling, Supreme Court has finally issued the verdict in the politically and communally sensitive Ayodhya land dispute, today, November 9, 2019. The apex judicial body gave the possession to the Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas, giving it permission to build a temple at the location. But only in one condition! The temple will be built giving the Sunni Central Waqf Board a five-acre alternative land in Ayodhya for building a mosque. Twitterati is happy with the decision and calls for peace.Check Tweets:

An Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, Susanta Nanda shared an adorable video on his Twitter account. The clip shows a tiger with its three little cubs, drinking water from a pond. According to reports, the video was originally filmed at Tadoba in Maharashtra in 2018.Watch Viral Video:

The most-awaited hearing on the Ayodhya title suit, will be pronounced by the Supreme Court today, November 9, 2019. Ahead of the Ayodhya verdict, Twitterati is appealing for peace online with #HinduMuslimBhaiBhai. Read the full report here.Check Tweets:

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Happy weekend! And while you are all set to spend a perfect Saturday today, here we are to keep you updated from everything that is keeping social media users busy. Well, to begin with, the day has begun on thoughts and positive messages are being shared on Twitter and other social media platforms. Hashtags such as, #SaturdayThoughts, #SaturdayFeels, #SaturdayFeeling and #SaturdayMotivation are among the top trends of the day. You might want to keep up with this viral live blog throughout the day to remain updated with funny memes and viral videos of the day.

World Freedom Day 2019 is being celebrated today and netizens are sharing posts and statuses related to the day since morning online. In India, Tulsi Vivah which is an auspiciously holy day, celebrated. People are sharing wishes, greetings, posts and pictures online. Amongst celeb birthdays that are a big thing on Twitter trends, Harshvardhan Kapoor's birthday wishes have taken over the internet. Apart from this people are sharing pictures, videos of their weekend plans on the internet.

Caturday moments are also expected by the end of today, as the cats on Twitter poses for selfies and pictures to to make your weekend better. Stay tuned with us to get all the updates and know what netizens are sharing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. We will keep you updated with all the latest trends, funny memes and social media trends of the day. So stay tuned with us. Have a great Saturday.