Gulab Jamun Pizza Is Going Viral on Twitter Leaving Disgusted Netizens Say, ‘Hey, Satan Called and He Wants His Dinner Back’ (Check Funny Memes and Jokes)
Gulab Jamun Pizza (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Just when you thought the human satan in the world stopped messing with our favourite food classics, here are we are left to deal with something called "Gulab Jamun pizza." Excuse us, while we are all set to leave earth, we would like to know why would anyone do that? Now we are all about fusion foods but this is straight-up, CRIME. Like, we weren't already done with pineapple on pizza that now we are ruining both pizza and gulab jamun for the world at once.

Now when we try to look past our possessiveness for our favourite foods, let's say that this combination might appeal to some people out there who are more open trying out new things. Don't know why, but let's just assume, we are only left wondering HOW?! The bready texture of pizza base topped with sugar syrup dipped dough balls, how do the two go together? Moreover, hello?! Where's the cheese- the soul of our favourite pizza? And if you put actually put cheese with Gulab Jamun and pizza base, we might as well go ahead and pronounce the 'L' in Salmon because nothing makes sense anymore. So many questions raiding our minds. But, guess what, we are not alone. The rest of the internet is not taking it too well too.

Just recently someone on this earth thought it was okay to eat Kaju Katli after dipping it into ketchup. We kid you not it was ketchup! And while we were still getting over the traumatic experience, we now have this pizza (hate to call it that) on our timeline. Can we get a break from all this personal attack? Don't believe us, after all that over-the-top reaction? Take a look at the picture of  Gulab Jamun Pizza below. We are sorry in advance if it hurts any of the foodie's feelings:

Check out some of the reactions that shared our feeling:


Couldn't Agree More


Same To Same

Please Allow Us To Die

We All Are


In the makers' defence, this may completely be sweet dish without any trace of the original pizza taste. If it is something like that, we're okay. But still calling it 'Gulab Jamun Pizza' is like ripping our hearts out! Would you give this dish a shot? Or would you rather go to sleep than try this out?