Have you ever wondered how cashew nut grows? Well, people on the internet are fazed out after knowing how exactly cashew is grown.

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Ganpati Visarjan pictures and videos have taken over the internet as devotees come together on the street for the immersion of Lord Ganesha's idol.

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On the day of Ananth Chaturdashi aka Ganpati visarjan, a picture of Ganesh Chaturthi and Muharram possessions crossing rach other goes viral! In the picture, you can see people shaking hands with each other across the roads.

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A couple in Michigan posted beautiful photos of their wedding. But the couple were interrupted by an uninvited and hungry guest-- a deer. It even decided to snack on the bride's bouquet. The amusing moment was captured on the series of wedding photographers and people are loving it.

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Most of the dogs in general would just chow down to a sandwich along with their owner. But this one, prefers to help his master to make one. This smart dog is captured to grab all the ingredients one by one out of the fridge and pass it to the owner, who is ready to make a sandwich. He even hands his master an extra beer and closes the fridge like a good boy.

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The Battle of Saragarhi was fought between the British Indian Empire and the Afghan tribesmen on September 12, 1897. The British Indian contingent comprised 21 Jat Sikh soldiers who were stationed at an army post and were attacked by 10,000 to 12,000 Afghans. They fought till their last breath. The battle is considered as one of the greatest last-stands ever and Twitter pays tribute to the fearless soldiers.

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It is the last day of Ganeshotsav and people in India have gathered in the street processions for the immersion of Lord Ganesha idols. Twitter is filled with videos and pictures from around the country showing the massive demonstration of the final day, Anant Chaturdashi.

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Video of a smart golden retriever pulling the blanket over his sleeping owner has melted the hearts of internet users. The clip shows the animal switching off the lights before taking the TV remote from the person's hand.

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Video of a 'child' smoking inside a Turkish football stadium had lead to social media outrage earlier this week. It now turns out that it was not a child, but a 36-year-old man.

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Ten-day-long Ganpati celebrations come to an end today on Anant Chaturdashi (September 12, 2019). On Anant Chaturdashi, 14th day of the lunar fortnight, people take out grand processions to immerse their Ganpati idols in a water body. People have taken to Twitter sending Anant Chaturdashi wishes to everyone.

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Happy Anant Chaturdashi!

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Thursday is finally here or shall we say, for the netizens the day for sharing posts under hashtags #ThurdayMotivation, #ThursdayThoughts, #ThrowbackThursday, #ThursdayFeelings? Twitter is filled with positive thoughts and messages under these hashtags to make sure you start your stay on a happy note. Apart from these hashtags,  #GaneshChaturthi, #Ganpati, #Ganeshotsav, #GaneshVisarjan, #Visarjan, #GanpatiVisarjan, #GanpatiVisarjan2019  and all the other hashtags related to the immersion of Lord Ganpati is trending. Today people will be immersing the idols of Lord Ganesha in various water bodies after having kept it for 11 days.

Apart from this #AnantChaturdashi2019 hashtags is also seeing a surge. Devotees are sharing wishes, messages and images with each other on this day in India. It is also Paul Walker's birthday today and people have poured in messages full of love all over various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Apart from this, it is also Bollywood actress Prachi Desai's birthday and her fans are sharing all the best wishes for her all over social media. #HappyBirthdayPrachiDesai is all over Twitter.

Cute kids and animal videos have their regular share of presence on social media. But people haven't still gotten over making memes on Apples's latest series iPhone 11. Well, that is all about now, we will share with you anything that comes on the trending page, across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.