04 Jan, 20:51 (IST)

A TikTok video of a person's reaction to a game designing video is going viral. See The Video Here:

04 Jan, 19:01 (IST)

A coyote enjoying a good sleep was snapped on a couch was snapped by a family. The animal was relaxing in their patio.Check Pic Here:

04 Jan, 17:43 (IST)
A video of Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum racing against two ostriches on his cycle has gone viral on social media.Watch the Video Below:
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04 Jan, 15:21 (IST)

The Andhra Pradesh Police took to Twitter to share the incident and captioned it as 'AP Police 1st Duty Meet brings a family together!' Read more.View Pic:

04 Jan, 15:16 (IST)

First Monday of 2021 is trending on Twitter with some motivational messages, along with funny memes and jokes. Read more.
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04 Jan, 11:12 (IST)

Adorable video of a doggo in front of an aquarium playing with a dolphin goes viral. Watch:

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Hello Monday! Twitter has #MondayMotivation & #MondayThoughts trending with Good Morning posts, quotes, HD images & greetings. Check Tweet:

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It's a Monday, a start to a new week in the new year. And some of you must be back after a long weekend break of enjoying the New Year's Eve. In that case, you are going to look up for some motivation to begin working as per routine again. So #MondayThoughts, #MondayMotivation are trending on Twitter with good morning messages, images and positive quotes. Other than this, we will give you all other trending topics, funny memes and viral videos of the day in this section. Stay tuned to know what's trending on social media.

January 4 marks few important events. It is World Braille Day, in memory of the Louis Braille, the French inventor of Braille code, which enables reading to the visually impaired. So important facts or messages about him will be shared online. It is also an interesting observance of National Trivia Day, an observance that celebrates reading and sharing trivia. So fascinating trivia might be shared online. Other than these there is a fun day that celebrates Spaghetti. So for National Spaghetti Day, people may share pictures of their food. If there is anything that we miss out on, we will mention it in here.

Social media has become a source of infotainment these days. There is enough information in the form of news along with entertainment with funny memes, jokes, trends, viral videos and so on. This section will concentrate on the fun aspects like viral videos, be it animals, babies, old funny clips, along with latest memes and jokes that are making people laugh. So stay tuned to know what's buzzing on the internet today. Have a great day!