An adorable video of a father interrogating his toddler daughter on a jacket she stole from her classmate has gone viral on social media. To everyone's surprise, when he asks her about the coat, the toddler quickly says, "From the jacket store for five monies."Watch The Adorable Video Below:

A Twitter thread started by a man to woo his Tinder date has gone viral on social media platforms. Showing off his pasta-making skills, he seems to have managed to impress his date.Check Out The Tweet Below:

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The last Boeing 747 flight for El Al will take off tomorrow, carrying the final paying passengers on a journey from Rome to the hub of Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. The 747 will 'paint' a 747 shape in the sky thanks to helping from Flight Radar 24 while bidding goodbye.Check Out The Tweet Below:


As the air quality of Delhi dropped terribly, Twitterati took to the social media platform sharing pictures and videos of the state of the national capital. People shared photos showing smog and pollution filled the atmosphere. #DelhiAirEmergency and #DelhiPollution are among top trends on Twitter.Check Out The Tweets Below:

Watch The Video Below:

An antique 310-year-old violin worth £250,000 which was stolen from a train luggage rack, has been reunited with its owner. 51-year-old Stephen Morris was left "devastated" when he realised he had not taken his violin with him when he got off the London to Orpington service at Penge East last week.Watch The Video Below:

It is not uncommon to see animals pretending dead to avoid a situation, or to escape death too. A fun clip has been shared online which shows a duck playing dead just so he could avoid being hunted by a pet dog standing right next to him. Here are more such videos.Check the video here:

Very sweet footage of a little boy sharing his treats to fill an empty Halloween bowl has been shared online. The little one sees another baby girl coming in to probably collect some treats. The boy them put up some of his stuff into the bowl. The footage captured on Nest cam is going crazy viral.Watch the video here:

The intensity of heavy winds passing though Alberta last week has been captured on video. The winds tossed around the window washer's platform and banging on to the tower he was cleaning. He was later rescued but the video is scary.Watch the Video Here:

Songwriter Sia has thanked her fans for offering her support and comfort following the death of her pet Pantera. Fans left endearing messages, collages of her pictures with her pet and sharing her sorrow. She has expressed gratitude to everyone for their support.Check Sia's Tweet:

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A very sweet gesture of a professor has been captured on a video. The teacher brings in stuffed toys for his students every week to reward them for their hard work. The video is going viral and people want to apply at the same university.Watch The Video Here:

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It's finally Sunday! After much work and toil, social media users appear to glad that their much deserved Sunday is here. People have taken to the internet sharing stories of lazy Sunday mornings. While some are preparing for brunches, others are yet to roll out of their beds. Meanwhile, some are sharing inspirational thoughts and motivational quotes with the hashtags #SundayThoughts and #SundayMorning. As the day progresses, we promise to bring you trending stories from around the world. From viral tweets, Facebook posts, funny memes and GIFs to trending videos, we will ensure you are updated on everything happening on social media platforms.

World Jellyfish Day is observed on November 3 to commemorate the organism which has been living on this earth for millions of years prior to humans. In the age of social media, it is almost impossible to miss anything trending on social media platforms. Social media has the power to make and break careers. In the past, people have risen to stardom because of the internet and similarly fallen down.

The internet is a place where various things come together. A trending topic garners various opinions on the platforms. It becomes a discussion, leading to debates thus garnering criticisms. Videos play a major role in social media platforms. Baby and animal videos are among trending topics that often interest online. Small clips spike in no time garnering eyeballs from around the world. We wish everyone a Happy Sunday and hope you pass onto your Monday smoothly.