A video of a Creative Arts teacher and his students cool dance moves is winning hearts online. Vermeulen and his students at Bishop Lavis High School, Cape Town can be seen dancing to the hit song Azonto by Ghanaian-British hitmaker Fuse ODG. The teacher reported to use dance as a therapy to relax the students, allowing them to increase their focus in studies. And the video surely inspires the netizens.

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Have you ever imagined how a centaur in reverse would look? Twitter user, Jamie McKelvie, prompted this among Tweeple who are now coming up with the hilarious re-imaginations of half horse half man mythical being. And it could not get any better. Read the full story here.

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Tweeple's Re-Imagining!

A Washington woman was posing for a photo in Tacoma, Washington when an octopus bit her face. Jamie Bisceglia was taking part in a fishing derby when the incident happened.

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A warm gesture of a Mumbai hotel has won many hearts on social media. Prakash Mallya, MD at Intel India, Sales and Marketing Group took to social media sharing his experience while having a quick meal at Trident hotel in Mumbai. Seeing that he was alone at the table, the staff placed a fishbowl for his company.

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A viral video of the three kids walking hand in hand is giving the ultimate friendship goals you need. The heart-warming clip shows two kids helping their 6-year-old friend with cerebral palsy walk. The children's act of kindness has gone viral and Twitterati cannot stop praising them.

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Brooke Houts, who regularly posts pictures of her dog Sphinx on social media accidentally posted an uncut footage where she is seen being aggressive around her dog, a Doberman. In the video, she can be seen hitting and holding down the dog down as it runs around her. The video was quick to go viral grabbing the attention of animal rights organisation PETA who accused her of animal abuse. Read the full story here.

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Dogs can be amused by anything, a toy or even a thread! Now a cute video of a dog amused by a hair clip is going viral on social media. A golden retriever pup is too confused with a hair clip. 

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Author Chetan Bhagat had an interesting encounter recently. While he was travelling by car, a hawker tried selling him his own book. When Chetan Bhagat asked if there was any book by the author, the hawker said yes, he does have the last published novel by him, adding that it sells well. Read more: Chetan Bhagat Buys His Own Book From a Hawker and The Interaction is Going Viral on Twitter (Watch Video.)

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A photo of sumo wrestlers smiling in a field of sunflowers posted by a Twitter user that goes by the name @yoshiaki9500 was taken in Hiraya in Japan is going viral. It is for sure the cutest thing you will see today!

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Another day starts today, full of hopes and happiness, a little more we would say because we are just a day short to the weekend. This week saw a lot of ups and downs on social media but now it is coming to an end. #ThurdayThoughts and #ThursdayMotivations trend as per the usual with people filling up Twitter with motivational quotes and sayings. On other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram too netizens have started their day on a positive note.

This week saw a lot of things happening in the arena of Indian politics like the scrapping of Article 370 and the demise of ace leader, Sushma Swaraj, therefore social media is still abuzz with tweets and post dedicated to the major political changes. #MumbaiRains has taken a break but situations in Pune are still a little haywire and therefore people are posting on social media with #PuneRains.

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A day that starts with positivity, takes you to greater heights. Let's see how situations develop in the social media world and for that, we promise to keep you updated on this viral live blog.