How Does a Reverse Centaur Look Like? Twitter User Makes Tweeple Come Up With Hilarious Re-imaginations of Half Horse Half Man Creature
Reverse Centaur (Photo Credits: @McKelvie/ Twitter)

Have you ever imagined how a centaur in reverse would look like? Centaur is the half-man half-horse creature from Greek mythology. A Twitter user, Jamie McKelvie, prompted Tweeple to come up with hilarious re-imaginations of the mythical being in reverse. And it could not get any funnier.  Centaur is a creature with a man's torso and the hind legs of a horse. But Twitter reimagined it as a being with horse's head and the lower half of a human. Twitter Pays Tribute to ‘Questionable Pictures’ That Are Too Hilarious to Be Deleted From the Phone. 

"How did you spend your dinner break, Jamie? Just drawing a reverse centaur so everyone can see how horrible they are," writes Twitter user Jamie with the hilarious picture. "A reverse centaur is the bits that aren't used in a regular centaur. A regular centaur has six limbs and two torsos. That's the rules, I didn't make them up (I did)," Jamie adds further in the viral thread.

Here's the Tweet:

The picture soon paved the way in the Twitter viral moment with people coming up with hilarious responses.

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Wakes Up Screaming!

To all who not know, Jamie is a famous British cartoonist and illustrator. He is well-known for his work on books such as Phonogram, Young Avengers and The Wicked+ The Divine and his approach to the comic character design. His hilarious re-imagination of the Greek mythological creature, the centaur gave Twitter a lot to talk about. So, what do you think a reverse centaur would look like?