Chetan Bhagat Buys His Own Book From a Hawker and The Interaction is Going Viral on Twitter (Watch Video)
Chetan Bhagat buys his own book from hawker (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Author Chetan Bhagat had an interesting encounter recently. While he was travelling by car, a hawker tried selling him his own book. When Chetan Bhagat asked if there was any book by the author, the hawker said yes, he does have the last published novel by him, adding that it sells well. Bhagat eventually told the hawker his identity and the reaction was priceless. A video of this interaction is shared on Twitter by Chetan Bhagat and people are loving the heartwarming interaction. The video has crossed over lakh views and is going viral. Chetan Bhagat Introduces New Book ‘The Girl in Room 105’ in a Movie-Like Promo, Watch Video!

It is very common to see hawkers selling second-hand or pirated copies of new books at traffic signals. But no hawker would have imagined selling the book to its author itself. Chetan Bhagat too was travelling somewhere when a hawker approached his vehicle. Bhagat got curious and asked him if there are any books of Chetan Bhagat. The hawker replied yes he had one. Bhagat asked him next how is the book to which the hawker said it sells well. After buying the pirated copy, he revealed his identity to the hawker and he was pleasantly surprised. While he was disappointed by the piracy, he was also happy with the interaction.

Check Video of Hawker Selling Chetan Bhagat his Own Book:

The video was loved by netizens who too were pleasantly delighted with this interaction. The video has been viewed over 1.5 lakh times and more than 17,000 likes. Check some of the reactions. Chetan Bhagat pulls an April Fools' Joke! Twitterati Puzzled with his Move to Join Congress.

Best moments of life

A memorable moment for the hawker

That smile is winning hearts

And spreading smiles too

While the video reveals the sad reality of pirated books, the surprised reaction of the hawker and his smile is making the internet heart. We are sure it would be a memorable moment for the hawker and his day would have been made after selling the book to the author himself.