Twitterati Compare Melania Trump to Movie Characters for Her Outfit During Egypt Tour and the Results Are Hilarious!
Melania Trump (Photo Credits: Twitter)

First lady Melania Trump's Egypt tour has garnered a lot of memes and jokes on social media. It was her outfit that garnered different reactions on social media. Melania was in Egypt as a part of her four-country tour of Africa when she visited the pyramids and the Great Sphinx. She wore beige wide-legged pants, a short-collared white shirt, tan blazer and a fedora hat. And Twitterati couldn't stop comparing her to different fictional characters from cartoons.

Melania's outfit garnered a lot of eyeballs after she shared a video of her tour on Twitter. Several social media users compared Melania to Emile Belloq, a French archaeologist from the 1981 movie Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

People even shared pictures of the film showcasing her similarity in appearance with the character. Meanwhile, some thought she looked like the late popular singer Michael Jackson. She was also compared to different detective characters from movies.

Here is the video Melania shared on Twitter:

Here are some of the tweets:

Do you think so?

That's comparison of sorts

Who on Earth thought of that?

That's a lot of similarities

Earlier also Melania was criticised for wearing a safari hat during her Kenya visit. As safari hats were earlier worn by the British's colonies armed forces, people said it depicted colonial rule. Reacting to which Melania was quoted as saying, "I wish people would focus on what I do, not what I wear."

The US first lady arrived at Nairobi National Park on Friday to learn about steps the east African nation is taking to conserve elephants and rhinos. She’ll also go on a quick safari. Egypt is the final stop on a four-nation tour of the continent to highlight child welfare, education and tourism and conservation. Trump opened the trip Tuesday in Ghana and visited Malawi on Thursday.