In a strange piece of news going viral, a man had penetrative sex with chickens and made his wife film it for him. He has entered guilty for 11 charges including having sex with chickens that he admitted to.  His wife admitted to having filmed the act while he was having sex with the poor animal. 37 year old, Rehan Baig, appeared at Bradford Crown Court with his wife Haleema and entered guilty pleas to 11 charges. The man who is now being called "pervert" is penetration on chickens, reportedly three times as per Yorkshire Live. Pervert Man Has Sex with Horse, Jailed! Claims the Horse Gave Consent After Winking at Him.

Apart from having penetrative sex with chickens it is also being reported that he admitted that he was also downloading x-rated images of children. He possessed XXX pornographic images. He also had pictures that included people having sex with dogs and chickens.  One of the charges also included drugs offences. Reports have it that Haleema Baig had already admitted three charges of aiding and abetting “intercourse with an animal”, as per Prosecutor Abigail Langford.

While Mr Baig admitted having sex with the animals, he reportedly couldn't say when the incidents took place. “The court may take the view that if these are acts that have taken place on more than one day that would make a difference in terms of sentencing,” suggested, Miss Langford. “Both defendants assert it was sexual intercourse which took place on one day with these animals and that it was filmed on one day.”

Last year, a 21-year-old man from Malawi, Africa was arrested on the suspicion of having sex with a goat. While he was charged with bestiality but reportedly he claimed that he’d asked the animal’s permission aka consent to having sex with it. The owner of the goat earlier suspected that Kambani was trying to steal the goat but when he arrived at the scene, he was shocked to see that he was indeed having sex with the cattle in the field.

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