Video of Boy Shooting His Birthday Cake With Bullets Goes Viral, Meerut Police Denies to Probe
Boy shoots his birthday cake. (Photo Credit: Twitter/Piyush Rai)

Birthday cake cutting has always been a controversy-free, common task that needed no upgrade, but looks like a few people weren't happy with the humble cake cutting with knife. A recent TikTok video that is going viral is of a few boys who can be seen cutting the birthday cake with gunshots. Believe it or not, these men used bullets to cut the birthday cake. The video includes a group of boys setting up a cake on an empty road to be cut. The cake reads the name "GUJJAR." Soon after they set the cake one of the boys pulls out a revolver of sorts and begins to shoot at the cake. In the video, you can see him shooting two times but the accurate number of times he uses the revolver is unknown.

Take a look at the video of the boy shooting at the birthday cake.

The person who shared the video wrote on the post- "Cutting cake using a knife is such a cliched thing. In this video, a youth is seen taking repeated shots at the cake to 'cut' it while others cheer him. The incident is said to have happened in Meerut." However, since the video begins to garner views on Twitter, Twitter handles of UP police and Meerut police soon got into the loop. Since the video says that it had been shot in Meerut the twitter handle of UP police asked the Meerut police to look into the matter to which Meerut police denied saying- "श्रीमान जी उक्त प्रकरण जनपद मेरठ से सम्बन्धित नही है।" Which means, "Sir, the above video is not related to Meerut."

Take a look at the tweet exchange between UP Police and Meerut Police.

The boys in the video can be heard speaking North-Indian Hindi. There has been no known arrests or FIR filed yet, however, the video has surely horrified Twitterati and people are questioning the police about the source of the video.