Wanted Vain Criminal Sends Flattering Selfie to UK Police Because He Didn’t Like His Mugshot
Wanted Vain Criminal Steven Murphy (Photo Credits: Jr V Murphy/ Lincolnshire Police/ Facebook)

You must have heard of runway models making headlines with their looks. But have you ever encountered a runaway model? Meet Steven Murphy, known as Jr V Murphy on Facebook, a former model, running from the Lincolnshire Police, UK. He is wanted by the cops after he failed to attend the court. After he saw his custody mugshot in the local newspaper, Murphy chose to send a more flattering selfie of himself. He is still on the run and has been wanted by the Lincolnshire Police since. 'Calm Down, I'm Going to Turn Myself In,' Hilarious 'Wanted' Criminal From Washington Promises Richland Police on Facebook. 

Murphy is a male model and also a former Mr Boston, who claimed that he is better looking than David Beckham. According to Lincolnshire Reporter, the 33-year-old failed to appear at Boston Magistrates’ Court on July 9 to answer criminal charges, the damaged that he did in the town on May 8, 2019. The local media outlet that posted his mugshot on their Facebook account, urging followers to report his whereabouts. The model commented on the post and said that people might have a better chance of finding him with a different picture. He attached his selfie, which according to him is more flattering than the mugshot.

Wanted Criminal Steven Murphy

The report further adds that Murphy has openly said that he will only visit the police station when he wants to. Chief Inspector Jim Trafford told the news outlet, “We are aware of some social media posts from a person claiming to be wanted man Stephen Murphy. I would urge anyone who knows of Mr Murphy’s whereabouts to inform us as soon as possible, as he failed to appear at Boston Magistrates’ Court on July 9 to answer charges of criminal damage.” Failure to appear at the court is a serious offence. Anyone, who has seen the model or has any information related to his location is urged to call 101 and report.