What after May 3, 2020? Do you find yourself, asking this question, almost every day? Well, you are not alone! It won’t be wrong to assume that at this point, nearly everyone is captivated with the same thought, as days close to May 3, as decided, the last day of Coronavirus lockdown. Delhi has already agreed to extend the lockdown, and the latest reports suggest that five more states, including Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, are veering towards extending curbs in hotspots of their respective states. Amid the concern, netizens are keeping their sanity by doing what they are best at—making memes. #WhatAfterMay3 is trending at the moment on Twitter with people creating hilarious memes and jokes, as they try to combat the fear of possible lockdown extension. 'May The 4th Be With You'! Twitterati Reacts With Star Wars Phrase After Coronavirus Lockdown in India Gets Extended Till May 3. 

Desi netizens in quarantine are accurately documenting the pandemic. Each day, there is something new, captivating the people on social media, in the wake of lockdown. Ever since, the country went under lockdown, citizens rightly keep them occupied and entertained, making memes. After all, laughter is always the best medicine! At the initial 21-day lockdown, Indians were hoping it would be lifted, at least on the promised date, but state Chief Ministers were in and out of talks about the necessary extension. We sensed it, a few days earlier, and hence the country went under the second wave of lockdown. The self-isolation is not any easy! Covidiot Funny Memes and TikTok Videos: These Jokes on Violators of Social Distancing Guidelines Show Why It's Better to Stay Safe At Home. 

Once again, as we are, so far, at the final days of lockdown, both fear of extension and the deadly virus is upon us. #WhatAfterMay3 arrived to deal with our collective quarantine and how we are almost prepared, if any extension is hinted in the following days.

Here Are the Tweets:

Really Introverts?

What After May 3?

Yes Please!



The increasing cases of COVID-19 are causing more panic among citizens. Medical professionals and government officials are doing every possible thing to curb the spread. We do not know if there is going to be any nationwide extension. All we, as citizens need to do is, follow the protocols, stay at home and maintain social distance, to help flatten the curve. Rest? Let’s keep our fingers crossed, for now!

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