Who Is Deepak Kalal? Everything You Need to Know About Rakhi Sawant’s Husband-to-Be
Deepak Kalal (Photo credit- Instagram @deepakalalofficial)

Is the internet even allowed to have so much drama on it? Rakhi Sawant has announced that she is getting married to Deepak Kalal. For reals? We don't know. We'd all have to wait for 31st December - the date on their wedding invitation card which is going viral on Instagram - to find out how true this is. But for now, many of you might be wondering who in the world is Deepak Kalal. Well, he is no less of a drama queen than Rakhi Sawant himself, to begin with. The man is a viral internet sensation, with a following of over 60 thousand on Instagram alone.

Deepak became famous due to his eponymously named online persona. The internet's favourite Deepak is the most flamboyant person to ever walk the phase of this planet.

Deepak also gained popularity, in a Dhinchak Pooja cringe-way, with his homoerotic gestures in his videos. He'd play with a banana, cucumber, bottle gourd in a suggestive way, to paint a picture for you. Actually, here is the video. Let it do the talking.


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Tag ur friends Who Want Ghiyyaa....

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His virality and humour also earned him a spot on national TV through India's Got Talent.


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Me as a judge in Indias Got Talent......Its not that easy to impress me contestants...I might reject you.....

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Deepak is 45 years old and hails from Pune. But he gained popularity first amongst the Kashmiris after posting videos from the valley. His breakthrough video was titled "Modiji me aapko pappi dunga". "The people of Kashmir like me, sometimes when they see me, I can see their affection. There is even a ruckus when I go into the area," Kalal told India Today.

As per India Today,  "a tenth pass, Kalal did a short hotel management course from a Bandra college which got him a job as a receptionist in Mumbai's three star hotel".

Many of you must have come across one of Deepak Kalal's video once in your life on your social media news feed. Cringy, but a hit amongst masses.